4 Web-Based Help Desk Programs You Should Consider

A web-based help desk is always preferable to one that is installed on the user’s server. Maintenance, updates, upgrades and fault repair are the responsibility of the supplier who has the expertise to keep the software running as efficiently as possible. The number of programs available makes selecting the right one hard. It is worthwhile to spend time examining the options to find one that best suits business needs, is built with help desk best practices, and is scalable to accommodate future requirements. Having said this, there are four web-based help desk programs that are considered to be among the best and which any business should look at carefully.

A word of caution: beware of the “free” help desk programs. These help desk solutions are either not web-based, offer only basic features or lack the kind of support needed to keep them running optimally.

LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn is an acknowledged leader in the field of web-based help desk operations. The software is known for its useful features, which automate critical areas like work order tracking, escalation, fault analysis, operational analysis and more. It is also user friendly, which in a market of time pressed customers, is a huge plus. The key features of LogMeIn are:

  • Fast connectivity: End users may be accessed with a secure code
  • Security: 256 SSL encryption is used for the log in. This uninstalls automatically at the end of the session for additional security.
  • Total Support: The platform’s diagnostic tools allow for rapid diagnosis and complete solutions to be provided quickly.
  • Remote Access: Remote computers can be accessed even if the user is not physically present so that support may be provided while the user is otherwise occupied.


SiteHelpDesk is a totally web-based help desk platform that uses shared open source code. No on-site client installation is required and only a small amount of existing server resources are used. The built-in scalability makes it easy for businesses to increase or reduce the size of the help desk operations according to seasonal demand or market conditions. A big plus is the fact that it can be accessed from any computer, PDA or handheld device.

SiteHelpDesk was one of the first complete web-based help desk systems to reach the market and today the company supports hundreds of help desk installations across the world. The platform’s reputation for stability and functionality make it an option that should be actively considered.

Help Connection

Help Connection is an economical full featured web-based help desk solution that is known for its ease of use, both for help desk operators as well as customers. The easy to use database allows for the development of a searchable knowledge base which forms the basis of an effective self help portal. Customers can easily locate case histories of problems similar to theirs and find solutions they can implement themselves. Built on the .NET platform, security and stability are not issues. A separate Admin login allows for complete supervision and control of help desk operations.


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a comprehensive web-based help desk platform that includes integrated asset management. Features include trouble ticketing, Knowledge Base, Self-Service Portal, Contracts Management, Purchase Order Management and comprehensive help desk reporting in a single easy to use package. With over 10,000 installations the reliability of this full feature platform is well established.