Support Desk Android Apps: Take Your Help Desk on the Go

With the increased usage of mobile devices in the workplace, help desk software vendors are responding to this change by offering support desk Android apps. Leading help desk vendors such as Zendesk, SysAid, and Spiceworks offer Android apps that enable you to access customer support functions on the go.

Support Desk Android App from Zendesk: Service Anytime, Anywhere

The Zendesk for Android app gives you complete agent workflow in the palm of your hand, enabling your support agents to view, update, and create tickets, all within the Android platform. The app also allows you to easily configure ticket fields and add comments. Best of all, the Zendesk support desk Android app is available for free and can be accessed in the Android Market.

This support desk Android app enables you to deliver support at anytime from anywhere, so that you can stay on top of customer requests by responding quickly and efficiently to tickets that come your way. Customers such as Groupon and GoodData have already realized the benefits of improved customer responsiveness with the Zendesk Android app.

Support Desk Android App from SysAid: Superior IT Management and Help Desk Automation

If you’ve conducted a SysAid review, you already know that SysAid IT Pro is a solution packed with features to help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your help desk. With the SysAid support desk Android app, you will be able to manage your assets and respond to service requests on the go. The SysAid app features functionality to update priority, status, and other service requests fields; to view all service requests and create new ones; to filter asset and help desk lists; and to conduct remote control sessions directly from the Android browser. If you currently use SysAid help desk software within your organization, the support desk Android app is available as a free download.

Support Desk Android App from Spiceworks: Complete Access to the Help Desk

In your Spiceworks help desk review, you’ve probably noticed that it is a leading provider of free help desk software used by thousands of IT professionals. Spiceworks also offers a support desk Android app with features to help you monitor your help desk and your network. With the Spiceworks app, you’ll be able to see your IT inventory in real time, including alerts, even while you are away from your desk. You’ll even be able to manage your ticket queue directly from your mobile device. The Android app also includes an Active Directory where you can view all user contact information. To access the Android app, download Spiceworks’ free software.

Zendesk, SysAid, and Spiceworks are just a few vendors offering mobile support desk Android apps. As the usage of mobile devices becomes standard practice for many organizations, these apps can help ensure that you deliver quality customer service at anytime, all the time.

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