A Help Desk Software Comparison of Some Web-Based Providers

A help desk software comparison is an important step to take before buying a web help desk solution.  If you have an online presence, a help desk is a vital part of your operations.  But which solution is the best fit for you?  Doing a help desk software comparison is a key step to ensuring that you pick the best help desk software for your company needs.  There are literally dozens of options.  One key decision to make is whether or not to use a web-based only solution.  Often, though not always, these options are less expensive than the more conventional software options you are probably used to.  However, as this help desk is for your online users, it makes sense that the solution is also web-based.  Many companies are in this space with solutions that can meet your needs.  Some of them include Helpdesk Pilot, ReadyDesk, and LiveTime Support.

Help Desk Software Comparison: Helpdesk Pilot

Helpdesk Pilot is one of the less expensive options available as you will see when you do a help desk software comparison.  It has a full set of features including ticket escalation on important problems, canned replies on the easier problems, a knowledge base that grows as problems are solved, customizable interface, and spam controls.  Another feature that the software offers is a very powerful set of help desk reporting applications.  These tools provide user friendly charts and real-time information to help you gain a better view of your customers. It is also easy to integrate into your mobile devices.  If the ticket is escalated to you, you can provide an answer even when you’re on the road, and the help desk sends that information back to your customer.  Finally, there is a 15-day free trial that you can try before you buy.  These features, combined with their commitment to continuously improve their product, make Helpdesk Pilot a good option for a web help desk.

Help Desk Software Comparison: ReadyDesk

ReadyDesk is another inexpensive option for your web help desk software comparison. The company prides itself on providing value to organizations of any size in a wide range of industries.  Like other options, ReadyDesk includes a knowledge base for frequently asked questions. It also has features that can open tickets automatically.  Help desks are typically thought of as IT concerns, but ReadyDesk is easily customizable to be used in other industries as well. Another great feature is the live chat option, which allows your technicians to interact with customers directly. An online demo is also available for you to check out to see if the solution will fit your needs.

Help Desk Software Comparison: LiveTime Support

LiveTime Support is not one of the less expensive options available.  But after doing your help desk software comparison, you may see that you do indeed get what you pay for.  With all the features you would expect from a help desk, like a knowledge base and ticket generation, there are also other unique offerings in LiveTime’s solution.  With an iPhone app already available and on-premise options also available if that becomes a need, LiveTime can meet any requirment you could possibly have with a web help desk.  You can get a live demo with a support technician to see the features, benefits and comprehensive functionality of the LiveTime web help desk solution.