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Kayako Releases Kayako 4 Help Desk

Kayako, the help desk software solutions provider, recently launched their latest generation of help desk software, Kayako 4. Kayako offers a web-based customer support solution that has hundreds of new features. The new Kayako help desk software solution was updated to improve scalability, reliability and customizability. The added features include new automation tools, a trainable […]

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V4: It???s alliiiiiveeee!

N/A (August 02, 2010) – After several eons of research and development, collecting feedback from customers and consuming half the coffee beans in Colombia, we have reached a culminating milestone in Kayako’s history.We’re giddy with excitementVersion 4, built from the ground up, leveraging all of the knowledge and experience we’ve garnered over the ten years […]


Effective knowledge management with Kayako helpdesk software

N/A (March 19, 2010) – By building a well organized and easy to navigate knowledgebase, your customers get encouraged to search and find their own answers to simple queries. The more knowledge that can be collected and reused, the more agent time can be spared and the faster issues can be diagnosed and resolved.The larger […]


3.70.01 stable release available now

N/A (February 23, 2010) – We are pleased to announce that a new stable release of SupportSuite, eSupport and LiveResponse (3.70.01) is now available from the Members’ Area. Hosted customers can use their one-click upgrade facility in the same place.Features, notes and highlights:Resolves 52 issues, fixes 45 bugs.Resolves 12 security issues.Enhanced cross-site request forgery protection.Enhanced […]


Upgrading to PHP 5.3? Read this first

N/A (January 04, 2010) – This post does not affect you if you are a hosted with Kayako.Zend and Ioncube decoders are not yet available for PHP 5.3If you wish to run Kayako software on your own web servers, a Zend or Ioncube PHP decoder is required. At the time of writing, neither Zend or […]


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