Help Desk News Feed Launched by iSupport

iSupport Software recently announced they are providing breaking news and industry analysis on their news feed. iSupport Software is known as the oldest privately owned help desk software provider still operating in the market today, serving companies looking for the latest information in the IT industry.

Watching technology market trends evolve has been something iSupport has done since their inception in 1992. They have customers from small businesses to large government entities because of their unique insight into the IT industry.

Now, with their new industry news feed, iSupport Software helps customers and partners to keep informed and up to date on the latest trends in the industry as they are developing.

Daren Nelson, the Founder and CEO of iSupport Software believes that providing a location to access the latest industry news in real-time is a useful tool to ensure they get the solutions that best fits needs today and in the long-term.

Nelson says they’ve had great feedback from both customers and employees and that having up-to-the-minute news about events affecting their industry has been a nice addition to their site.

In an effort to reach as many potential customers and partners as possible, the company is also distributing its industry news through Twitter and other distribution services.

With today’s economic climate, iSupport believes it is critical for companies to be aware of the latest developments in the industry if they want to stay competitive.

Providing existing as well as potential customers with these resources to stay up to date in the industry news, iSupport Software hopes to create a strong community based on the foundation of IT support that will always be essential to successful business practices.

iSupport Software provides the latest solutions to IT issues and plans to continue evolving as the industry moves forward.