Compare Help Desk Software Vendors

Vendor ManageEngine FrontRange SunView
On-Premise Yes Yes Yes
Web-Based Yes Yes Yes
Details ServiceDesk Plus Standard Edition starts at $495; ServiceDesk Plus Professional Edition starts at $995; ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise Edition starts at $2995 Not Published. Not published.
Call Tracking & Request Management
Request Management Highlights ServiceDesk allows you to track emails and phone calls, and helps to manage requests with several automated process like request routing, business rule application, SLA management and escalation management. Multi-site support is available. With more than two decades of service management experience and 8,000 plus customers across the globe, customers can rely on HEAT to manage all their Help Desk service and support needs, from initial request through incident closure. HEAT includes a complete suite of core service and support components into a consolidated service desk solution designed specifically for the needs of the midmarket. End-to-end support helps manage service issues from the initial call to completed work orders and service restoration. Yes; ChangeGear is the best value in Service Desk with enterprise level features and support at an affordable price. With a combination of Service Request, Incident and Problem
Custom & Pre-Built Reports? Custom & Pre-Built reports offered. Over 200 Pre-Built reports. Both pre-built & custom reports.
Real-Time Reporting No Yes Yes
Service Portals
Customer Self-Service Yes. Users can also check the status of their requests online, thereby reducing unneccessary follow-up calls to the helpdesk to check status. HEAT Self Service translates into increased efficiencies and end user value right from the start, and allows users to: Improve customer communication at every level; Reduce call volumes; Ease agent workload; Optimize staffing levels; Enhance end user satisfaction levels. ChangeGear offers both a Self-Service Portal and a full Service Catalog option for your end-users. Using the Service Catalog your customers will be able to create and manage their tickets as well as find self help solutions through a fully searchable Knowledge Base.
Searchable Knowledge Database Yes Yes. HEAT Self Service integrates out of the box with HEAT® Plus Knowledge providing web-based self help and access to the knowledge base to help reduce the “how-to” support requests. ChangeGear offers a fully searchable Knowledge Base. KBs can be published for the IT staff and Service Desk analysts. Selected KBs can also be made available for the end-users in the Service Catalog.
Service Level Agreement
Configure Escalation Levels Yes Yes Yes
SLA Configuration Highlights With ServiceDesk you can: Define SLA rules to distinguish priority requests by Requester, Department or Category; Automatically update Requests to apply SLA rules to determine resolution time; Track SLA compliance using automatic escalations (upto 4 levels) in case of SLA violations at pre-defined time intervals The FrontRange ITSM Service Level Management module provides a centralized management console to design, build, manage and monitor service agreements throughout their lifecycle. Key features include: Auto-escalation; Service definitions; Review date notification; Document service level management; Logical grouping; Real-time monitoring and reporting; Web access ChangeGear has full Service Level Agreement (SLA) management capabilities. With ChangeGear you can easily define your SLA rules including priority, requester VIP status, escalations, and violations.
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management Highlights Create a robust knowledge base solution with ServiceDesk Plus to document the best practices and solutions to any common problem. This helps the users to find their solution from the knowledge base before raising a request, addressing their needs effectively, by logging into their Self-service Portal. HEAT Plus Knowledge facilitates collaboration among experts by making it easier to share information through document searching, storage, indexing, reporting and authoring capabilities. With a robust knowledge repository, diagnosis and resolution steps for common service requests and incidents are easily accessible. The management of knowledge in ChangeGear is easy and based on the Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) methodology. With ChangeGear, as the Service Desk Analyst completes an issue resolution, it is a simple click to create a Knowledge Base article. These KBs can then be published for other IT staff and if applicable, be made available to the end-user for self-help in the Service Catalog.
Incident Management
Incident Classification ServiceDesk offers three levels of Incident classification and automatically dispatches them. Strengths in the Incident Management space include: User satisfaction surveys; Predefined and dynamic incident prioritization; Incident diagnosis; Escalations; Resolution & Recovery; Incident closure. FrontRange ITSM Incident Management provides core service desk functionality of efficiently identifying, responding to, and tracking issues and service requests needing resolution. Key features include: Simple, intuitive user interface; Automatic, intelligent routing; Auto-escalation and notification; Real-time reporting; Quick-close incident management option; Link Incidents, Problems and Known Errors; Remote support and end user access; Support for regulatory compliance; Big-picture view; Problem board; Support for industry best practices The ChangeGear Service Desk solution includes ITIL-based out-of-the-box ready Incident Management. With an easy to use interface and drag and drop workflow customization, there is no need for coding or high priced consultants. The ChangeGear Incident module features automations for notifications, routing, integrated escalations between all ticket modules and SLA management and audit reporting for regulatory compliance management.
Problem Management
Problem Management Functionality Uses trend analysis for problem detection and categorization. When a problem is created from an incident, the impact, urgency and priority values get assigned from it automatically and reduce the task of prioritizing the problem for technicians. Other strengths include: Investigation, diagnosis, and solutions. FrontRange ITSM Problem Management gives you tools to initiate actions to correct or minimize adverse impact from problems and address the root cause by focusing on known errors. You can pinpoint a problem's source, allowing the service desk to correct issues quickly. By relating problems to particular incidents, known errors and changes, the ITSM integrated solution promotes visibility of current status with real-time dashboards, an The ChangeGear Service Desk solution includes ITIL-based out-of-the-box ready Problem Management to help drive efficient root cause analysis. With an easy to use interface and drag and drop workflow customization, there is no need for coding or high priced consultants. The ChangeGear Problem module features integrated escalations between all ticket modules and audit reporting for regulatory compliance management.
Change Management
Change Advisory Board Yes Yes Yes
Change Management Highlights With ServiceDesk Asset Management offer extensive Change Management functions. Basic features include: Initiate Change Request, Change Plans and CAB (Change Advisory Board), Approval from CAB Members, Co-ordinate Change Implementation, Post Implementation Review, & Change History Key of the HEAT Asset Management solution include: Support for industry best practices and regulatory requirements; Automated workflow; Dynamic approvals; 360-degree view of change impact The ChangeGear Service Desk solution includes ITIL-based out-of-the-box ready Change and Release Management to help reduce unplanned changes. With an easy to use interface and drag and drop workflow customization, there is no need for coding or high priced consultants. The ChangeGear Change module features complete approval states including CAB (Change Advisory Board), integrated escalations between all ticket modules and a complete Change audit trail for regulatory compliance management.
Asset Management
Asset Management Details Yes. Complete ownership of all assets and history for all assets. ServiceDesk ServiceDesk Plus has an integrated Asset Management solution along with the basic help desk functions. With the integrated Asset Management, ServiceDesk provides you with an accurate inventory of all the hardware, software assets in your organization. HEAT Service and Support integrates with the FrontRange Software Asset Management Suite to accelerate troubleshooting. FrontRange Discovery feeds all captured asset discovery information to the HEAT help desk console, so end-to-end incident management is streamlined, saving time and cost at the help desk while dramatically increasing first call resolution rates. The ChangeGear Service Desk solution includes ITIL-based out-of-the-box ready Configuration and Asset Management. With an easy to use interface, there is no need for coding or high priced consultants. The ChangeGear CMDB allows for complete visibility into your CIs through a federated database and provides comprehensive audit reporting for regulatory compliance management.
Asset Lifecycle Yes. Included in ServiceDesk Plus. Yes Yes
CRM Yes Yes Yes
SMS (Short Message Service) Yes. Included in ServiceDesk platform. Yes N/A
Telephony System Yes. VQManager is ManageEngine's VoIP quality monitoring & reporting software-only solution. Yes Yes