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Incentivizing a Successful Help Desk Experience

It seems that no matter what sales management book you pick up, there are dozens of mentions of “aligning sales people’s interests with revenues” or ensuring the “sales person stays incented to keep on selling.” With this in mind, why can’t we apply the same logic to our service team? After all, it is these […]

Support Desk Android Apps: Take Your Help Desk on the Go

With the increased usage of mobile devices in the workplace, help desk software vendors are responding to this change by offering support desk Android apps. Leading help desk vendors such as Zendesk, SysAid, and Spiceworks offer Android apps that enable you to access customer support functions on the go. Support Desk Android App from Zendesk: […]

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BMC Software Expands Mobile Help Desk Offerings with Aeroprise Acquisition

With the increased usage and growing capabilities of mobile devices, people have grown accustomed to instantly accessing the information they need. Organizations are looking to capitalize on the use of mobile devices with applications that have the functionality to execute core business processes. And software solutions providers like BMC Software are delivering products to answer […]

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The Advantages of a Cloud Help Desk

Your information technology department is a vital component to the success of your business. The growth of new technologies and the increased use of new devices have put even more pressure on the IT department, with many help desks receiving more tickets, leading to decreased response and resolution times. This can negatively impact your customer […]


Help Desk News Feed Launched by iSupport

iSupport Software recently announced they are providing breaking news and industry analysis on their news feed. iSupport Software is known as the oldest privately owned help desk software provider still operating in the market today, serving companies looking for the latest information in the IT industry. Watching technology market trends evolve has been something iSupport […]