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Is Help Desk Software Right for Your Business?

Help Desk Software can be costly initially, which may cause companies to be reluctant to invest. However, help desk software can be one of the best decisions your company can make. If your company deals with customers on a frequent basis, a help desk solution should be considered in order to maintain or improve upon […]


Why is Help Desk Software Beneficial?

The right help desk solution rewards companies with many benefits that improve company performance. Help desk automation can help your help desk see an immediate drop in issue resolution times with many automated features that improve efficiency. With self-support features, help desks can also simultaneously see a decrease in the workload of the help desk […]


What is Help Desk Software?

As companies grow larger and customer bases continue to expand, companies may find it difficult to maintain the high levels of service internally and externally. With more offices and more customers, support becomes much more difficult to manage and maintain. It becomes all the more necessary for companies to process support requests from a central […]


Free Help Desk Software!

With the recent trouble in the economy, companies are struggling to stay afloat. As revenues continue to shrink and credit markets continue to stay frozen, budgets are becoming increasingly tight as companies are unable to make the investments necessary to grow their businesses. This has made it hard for companies to explore new software products […]


BMC Software Service Desk’s New Tool

BMC Software has decided to use Hitachi to help upgrade its existing Service Desk Platform. Hitachi’s Password Manager is going to be used by BMC Software to provide improved security and improved password management. This integration between Hitachi and BMC Software will streamline many problems associated with passwords and authentication and save companies a lot […]

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