Upgrading to PHP 5.3? Read this first

N/A (January 04, 2010) – This post does not affect you if you are a hosted with Kayako.
Zend and Ioncube decoders are not yet available for PHP 5.3
If you wish to run Kayako software on your own web servers, a Zend or Ioncube PHP decoder is required. At the time of writing, neither Zend or Ioncube have released a non-beta decoder for PHP 5.3.
We strongly advise you hold off from upgrading until an officially supported decoder is released.
‘Deprecated function’ warnings
PHP 5.3 marks a few functions that SupportSuite, eSupport and LiveResponse depend on for some functionality. We are in the process of re-engineering these features, and we will release the updates in the next minor build, due shortly.
Until then, if you cannot avoid upgrading to the latest major version of PHP, please make sure that you disable the reporting of ‘deprecated’ notices. To do this, edit the “error_reporting = ” section of the PHP configuration file, php.ini, changing it to read:
error_reporting = E_ALL ^ E_DEPRECATED
This will prevent any warnings appearing in your web browser about the newly deprecated functions. Your support desk will continue to work just fine with PHP 5.3 with this change.

Source: Kayako