Effective knowledge management with Kayako helpdesk software

N/A (March 19, 2010) – By building a well organized and easy to navigate knowledgebase, your customers get encouraged to search and find their own answers to simple queries. The more knowledge that can be collected and reused, the more agent time can be spared and the faster issues can be diagnosed and resolved.
The larger the organization, the larger the potential for ‘knowledge leak’ and wasted resources. Knowledge that goes unrecorded, or recorded knowledge that gets missed when handling a support issue results in overlapping work and inefficiencies.
It is important to employ effective knowledge management tools – to make sure that:
New knowledge gets captured and recorded at the point of discovery;
Existing knowledge gets effectively searched to find articles which might assist in the resolution of an issue;
Existing knowledge is presented to both customers and agents in a way that encourages the knowledgebase to be searched used – in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate way;
Recorded knowledge can be evolved and collaborated on.
Kayako SupportSuite, eSupport and LiveResponse provide a number of features that facilitate all of these processes and requirements. This is how Kayako customers save their agent’s time, get more work done, save on resources and produce happy customers

Source: Kayako