Kayako Releases Kayako 4 Help Desk

Kayako, the help desk software solutions provider, recently launched their latest generation of help desk software, Kayako 4. Kayako offers a web-based customer support solution that has hundreds of new features.

The new Kayako help desk software solution was updated to improve scalability, reliability and customizability. The added features include new automation tools, a trainable ticket filter, one-click remote desktop administration and more. There is even third party application integration, integrated VoIP and real-time visitor monitoring. Kayako is currently developing mobile applications for their help desk solution.

The CEO of Kayako, Varun Shoor, commented. He said that the “new generation of customer support products that tailor to the way your organization works, and not the other way around. Our new products are Kayako through and through: easy-to-use help desk software that enables organizations to deliver better customer support across all mediums, keeping everything in one place.”

Kayako’s innovative service desk solutions are delivered as a software-as-a-solution (SaaS). Kayako recently developed their own secure cloud infrastructure, called the Kayako Cloud, for their SaaS solutions. Their cloud is very stable as it instantly transfers to other facilities if there is an outage and automatically provisions resources when necessary.

The COO of Kayako, Ryan Lederman, also commented on Kayako’s latest system. He said, “Customer support is for many organizations the most crucial part of their business. They can’t afford second best. We have built unique systems that are reliable, secure and redundant so our customers can sleep easily, without worrying about their data and service.”

Go to Kayako’s website to learn more details about their latest help desk solution, Kayako 4, or their newly developed Kayako Cloud infrastructure.

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