ManageEngine Review


ManageEngine delivers a comprehensive portfolio of help desk management solutions that answer a broad range of business needs. Established in 1996, ManageEngine is an enterprise IT management software division of Zoho Corporation. ManageEngine prides itself on offering alternatives to traditional network management frameworks. Its help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus, enables help desk technicians to increase their productivity, while also reducing IT service costs and making business processes run more smoothly.

ManageEngine Review: Help Desk Software Product(s)

ManageEngine Review: Highlights

  • ManageEngine delivers products that are built with the needs of SMBs in mind, but are also scalable to fit the requirements of large organizations.
  • ManageEngine offers a 90:10 promise: you get 90% of the features of the Big 4 at 10% of the price
  • ManageEngine solutions like ServiceDesk Plus allow you to run your IT department with an ITIL-driven help desk software solution, allowing organizations to easily implement ITIL best practices for processes such as problem, incident, and change management.
  • ManageEngine has years of experience serving over 40,000 customers across the world; 3 out of the 5 Fortune 500 companies are customers.
  • ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus is highly customizable and easy to implement, requiring no add-ons or other complications.
  • ManageEngine offers extensive support, consultations, and training. Users can access online tutorials for self-service, or they can contact ManageEngine during regular business hours directly through the contact information on its website.

Manage Engine Review: Happy Customers

Honda, Hallmark Channel, Pink Elephant, Lufthansa Airlines, NorthStar Bank, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, City of Dublin, Shangri-La Hotels, University of Minnesota

ManageEngine Review: Technology

ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus can be deployed both on-premise or on demand, giving you the flexibility to choose the deployment model that will best fit your business needs. ServiceDesk Plus is also available as a single download file on ManageEngine’s website and can be installed in approximately 15 minutes.

Bottom Line

ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus helps companies track everything in their organization, from communications to purchase orders. ManageEngine’s help desk software has the functionality to dramatically increase efficiency and productivity within a company. It is the “smarter alternative,” as ManageEngine claims, to traditional software. Users can even download a free trial to see how ManageEngine will work for their company.