PhaseWare Review


PhaseWare is a customer service and support software application provider. Its solutions are ideal for small and medium businesses. PhaseWare’s products will help businesses manage their business processes, save money, and increase overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its flexible solution is affordable and helps companies manage the complete customer service spectrum.

PhaseWare’s products include the PhaseWare Tracker, PhaseWare Event Engine, PhaseWare Self Service Center, PhaseWare Live Chat, and PhaseWare Tracker OnDemand.

PhaseWare Key Features

PhaseWare’s Tracker has many features, including customizable reporting, a dashboard, lead age tracking, contact scheduler, and contact management, among many others. Below is a detailed overview of some basic features of PhaseWare’s solutions.

PhaseWare Tracker

  • History Tracking: lets users determine historical trends and analyze recurring issues.
  • Custom User Interface: users can personalize their user interface based on their company’s needs and priorities.
  • Self Service Features: this lets employees answer and resolve their own questions, without taking up HR’s time.
  • Customer Support Tracking: users can track customers’ requests or tickets to make sure that everything is followed up on in a timely manner, increasing customer satisfaction.

PhaseWare Event Engine

  • Email Notifications: notifies users when customers’ tickets are closed
  • Administrative Alerts: alerts admins when they are close to missing a service level agreement
  • Incident Management: tracks received emails and identifies problems.
  • Customer Interaction: emails updates to customers about their open tickets, so they are always in the loop.

Happy Customers

City of Key West, Unified360, Quest Recycling Services, Lenders Title Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dexter + Chaney, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative

PhaseWare Technology

PhaseWare solutions can be delivered as on-site or on the software-as-a-service (Saas) model. PhaseWare’s solutions are available on Windows or web-based platforms.

Bottom Line

PhaseWare’s effective solution maximizes the value of every customer because of its extensive support and self-service features. Its solutions provide SMBs with a competitive advantage. The quality of customer service is sure to dramatically increase with the implementation of PhaseWare’s numerous help desk solutions. PhaseWare’s solutions are appropriate for companies from any industry because they are flexible.