Soffront Help Desk Review


Soffront is an end-to-end CRM solution provider, in addition to being a help desk and defect tracking solution provider. It has been offering ways for companies to connect to their customers for years, which is why Soffront developed the Customer Help Desk and the Employee Help Desk. Soffront’s help desks are ideal for mid-sized businesses who want to increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and improve productivity throughout the company.

Soffront’s help desk products include the Soffront Customer Help Desk and the Soffront Employee Help Desk.

Soffront Key Features

Soffront Customer Help Desk lets companies directly manage their customers and their support tickets. It has many features, including comprehensive reporting, complete audit trail and the automatic assignment of tickets. Soffront’s Employee Help Desk manages employees IT support inquiries so that internal operations can run smoothly. It includes features such as generating work orders and planning activities and tasks, and it is also customizable. Both solutions can be up and running in days.

Soffront Customer Help Desk

  • Automatic Customer Satisfaction Surveys: companies can track how happy their customers are at any time to ensure that they are providing the best service possible
  • Automatic Assignment of Tickets:  this ensures that all tickets are taken care of.
  • Configurable Workflow: allows users to match their support progress.
  • Knowledge Management: has self-service options so users can answer and resolve their own questions

Soffront Employee Help Desk

  • Incident Management: solves problems so that workflow is not affected.
  • Integrated Asset Management: manages asset portfolios and keeps track of important information so users can efficiently manage their assets.
  • Automatic Escalation and Notification: users can configure rules to make sure that administrators are notified of certain issues within a certain number of hours so that it can be resolved.
  • Employee Portal: this centralizes employee’s reports, assets, accounting, and help desk tracking so that everyone can see the status of each project.

Soffront Highlights

  • Soffront is a CRM and Help Desk pioneer, as they started providing customer relation solutions in 1992.
  • Soffront has over 2,500 customers worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies and federal, state, and local governments.
  • There are add-ons for each solution, so that companies can customize the solutions to fit their work model.
  • Users can call Soffront representatives directly by phone (during regular business hours) or email them through their website to get a customized answer. Users can also fax requests, 24-7.

Soffront Technology

Soffront’s solutions are completely web-based. It can be purchased as an on-premise solution or hosted ASP. There is SSL support and multi-level group security, so the solutions are completely secure.

Happy Customers

HitSoftware, Sand Technologies, redemtech, Iverson, Ternion Corporation, Oil & Gas Information Systems Inc.

Bottom Line

Soffront’s many awards and CRM solutions show that it knows how to reach out to customers. Soffront’s help desk is no different as it involves the customer to ensure that they are 100% satisfied. Both of Soffront’s help desks are interactive and comprehensive, allowing companies to get the most out of their customer and service solutions. Users will save money and be able to provide the best support possible with Soffront’s help desks.