Spiceworks Help Desk Review


Spiceworks is a system management and help desk software application provider. Use the Spiceworks help desk to manage your company’s IT department. Spiceworks lets users increase customer support and reduce complexities. The free Spiceworks help desk is ideal for small to medium businesses.

Spiceworks Key Features

Spiceworks packs a ton of features into the 24 MB download. Some of those features include mobile access, reporting, troubleshooting, data importing, network monitoring, power management and more. Below is a detailed list of some of Spicework’s main features.

  • IT Help Desk Portal: users can create their own portal so that employees and customers can access the portal to submit or receive requests.
  • Project Management: users can delegate and prioritize projects, track time spent, attach documents and more with the feature.
  • Ticket Automation: organize tickets based on customized criteria, such as due dates, and prioritize tickets.
  • Configuration Management: track configurations and changes, monitor assets, and report changes.
  • IT Asset Inventory: inventory assets such as hardware and software either locally or across several networks securely with HTTPS.
  • Network Monitoring: get real-time performance monitors and identify potential issues before they occur.

Spiceworks Highlights

  • Spiceworks Help Desk is FREE!
  • Spiceworks listens to customer input and feedback to create new features.
  • Over 1,500,000 IT professionals rave about the robust features Spiceworks offers.
  • Spiceworks technology can be translated into 19 languages.
  • The Spiceworks help desk can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes.
  • Spiceworks delivers helpdesk, network monitoring, UPS power management, PC inventory tools and more in one system.
  • Manage your IT network on the go with Spiceworks’ iPhone and Android mobile app.
  • View how-to’s, webinars, training resources and more on Spiceworks’ website. Users can also call Spiceworks directly or email th

Spiceworks Technology

Spiceworks requires Windows XP Pro SP2+/Vista/7/2003 Server SP1+/2008 server, 1.0 GB RAM, 1.0 GHz Pentium III class processor and an up-to-date browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

Happy Customers

Nissin Foods, Florida Technical Operations, Serval Systems Ltd., Broward Performing Arts Center, R.J. Lee Group, Fixed by Geeks

Bottom Line

Spiceworks is an easy to use help desk application. It is sure to help users manage incoming requests and increase overall customer satisfaction. The best part is that Spiceworks is free. This makes it ideal for smaller companies with little money for the IT or help desk departments. The Spiceworks application can be downloaded from their website.