SysAid Review


SysAid Technologies is a leading IT management solutions provider that aims to increase the efficiency within IT departments. SysAid’s help desk solution will provide the means for overcoming challenges, increasing productivity, satisfying customers and ensuring that business performance increases. SysAid’s help desk is an affordable solution for small organizations to large Fortune 500 companies.

SysAid Review: Help Desk Software Product(s)

SysAid Review: Highlights

  • SysAid solutions are built on the ITIL methodology, incorporating industry best practices and customer feedback in every new release.
  • SysAid delivers software that is simple to use, yet feature-rich, to help your company better resolve IT issues in a quick and secure manner.
  • SysAid offers extensive technical support, training initiatives, and services to ensure that their customers understand how to best deploy and use their solutions.
  • SysAid is available in 42 languages and can be translated into additional languages.
  • SysAid’s IT help desk software comes in two editions: Pro and Enterprise. The Pro edition is an out-of-the-box help desk solution that is designed for organizations of all sizes. The Enterprise edition is a service desk management solution with the functionality to manage a broad range of requirements, from a single IT department to an entire infrastructure.
  • SysAid’s software is simple, yet robust, with functionality to help you control your software and hardware management, implement effective systems monitoring, and automate your service desk.
  • SysAid provides free apps for your mobile devices, supporting the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile platforms so that you can take your IT help desk on the go.

SysAid Review: Technology

SysAid help desk software is available as both a SaaS or an on-demand solution. SysAid applications require an OS server, an up-to-date web browser, 1 GB of Ram, a pentium 4 processor and 1 GB of disk space.

SysAid Review: Happy Customers

Grand Crowne Resorts, TravelEdge Pty Ltd., MTCC, Lay & Wheeler, Taeuber & Corssen, Business MECHANIX, ValvTechnologies Inc.

Bottom Line

SysAid’s all-in-one solution will help IT professionals manage their help desks in an easier and more efficient manner. IT administrators will see a faster response time, increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity and tighter asset control. SysAid’s solution is easy and affordable. Users can download a free 30 day trial on SysAid’s website to see if its products are right for their company.