Does your business need help desk?

Before you invest any time and money in searching for a help desk solution, it is important that you do a check on how best your business can benefit from deploying a help desk solution.

Check if your business would be better served by a more formalized approach to problem resolution so that problems that crop up frequently for you and your customers can be dealt with in a systematic manner that can be replicated. If, internally, you are dealing with lost passwords, spam in mail, equipment failure, etc in an ad-hoc manner then having a help desk in place will definitely help in better utilization of your resources.

A help desk will also help in getting new employees accustomed to the network. This is particularly useful in businesses where the attrition rates are high, such as retail and call centers. Consider the efficiency of your existing process for capturing employee-related data so that when he quits, his workstation can be smoothly handed over to another person.

Is your existing system of issue-resolution up to the mark, more importantly, what is the extent of automation in the process? Customers today are highly demanding and with low tolerance for poor service. A dip in efficiency can send your customers to your competitors. A help desk is an integral part of your CRM efforts and it should be well-integrated within your customer relationship values. So, if you feel that you need to improve internal information dissemination, improve employee efficiency, resolve customer issues smoothly, then you should go for help desk software.