Drive Optimal Performance with Remedy Help Desk

Your help desk is a vital part of your business and ensuring you can quickly meet the needs of all issues that come through your help desk should be a key focus. A remedy help desk solution can take the demands of your active and sometimes chaotic help desk environment and ensure everyone seeking resolution actually receives it.

One of the best ways to improve your help desk operations is to provide monitoring capabilities. The agents working within your help desk environment more than likely want to do their job well. It is your job to provide them with the tools to accomplish the goals you establish. To help them get to these goals faster, provide them with the tools to measure their own performance so they can identify areas where they need to make improvements.

For instance, the remedy help desk can capture the agent’s answer time on each call, average it over all calls and compare it to the standards that you established. If he or she has not met or exceeded the standard, the remedy help desk then provides options for improvement. Perhaps your agent has his or her slowest response time just before or after lunch. Perhaps, instead, calls coming in for a specific reason are taking longer to respond to because the agent has to open specific screenshots to prepare to take the call.

All of these things can contribute to a slower response time but without remedy help desk to capture this information and qualify it for the agent, he or she cannot make improvements. By providing the big picture, it is easier to identify weak areas. The remedy help desk can then be applied to these weak areas to develop a plan for improvement.

The remedy help desk also plays a vital part in the help desk environment that has already implemented a self-service channel. Consumers today want a variety of options and channels to use when trying to contact the help desk. Self-service is gaining popularity as the consumer on the go wants to get an answer through their mobile device and therefore accesses the website. If the consumer is able to get a satisfactory response through this channel, you are not out a direct cost and you just helped to create a loyal customer.

Using this self-service scenario again, the remedy help desk can also capture valuable information from the Web channel and plug it back into your overall system. For instance, if a customer visits your Web channel and cannot find the information they are looking for, will they call your help desk instead and tell you they are frustrated?

You hope this is the case so you have the chance to keep the customer–but the odds are not in your favor. If a customer is about to deflect to the other guy because they are frustrated on your site, you want remedy help desk to capture that information.

High quality support is truly the name of the game and the customer is getting less tolerant and more demanding by the minute. With the remedy help desk in place, you will have the tools you need to create the optimal environment so you can reach those performance goals each and every time.