ITSM Provides a Clear Path for Efficiency

Nearly every enterprise competing in the market today has a focus on ITSM. This important focus helps to drive the lifeblood of the business–the network. Everything from data to voice to video is being transferred over and used on the network, making it one of the most vital pieces of the corporate puzzle.

The challenge for those in charge of ITSM comes from corporate decision makers who are expecting them to do more with less. As everyone in the enterprise relies on the IT department to provide for everything they need to get their job done, business can come to a standstill if the right tools and processes are not in place to drive ITSM.

In truth, ITSM has been a game changer for large corporations who were used to doing things in a different way. Not only were these organizations straining to meet internal needs, they were also lacking some of the capabilities necessary to drive performance on the outside. And, for those who never set foot into the IT department, it seemed as though everything was running nice and smooth when the reality was a mess of disparate systems cobbled together with whatever zip tie was close at hand.

Users on the desktop side saw how easily their systems would work and every click took them exactly where they wanted to go. Little did they know how much IT had to scramble on the other side to keep things from completely falling apart. Such an environment produced very little meeting of the minds and IT could not determine what to deliver and users did not know what they were lacking.

ITSM can then be brought in to help the minds meet and actually make sense of all the different systems that seem to be running on their own agenda. ITSM also enabled the IT department to make better sense of everything that was going on within its own shop to meet the needs of the users on the other end. This is not to say that ITSM can solve an infrastructure problem as that really is another issue all by itself.

Instead, ITSM allows the organization and its IT department to implement processes that are repeatable and based on more than 20 years of industry service desk best practices. With such an implementation, IT doesn’t have to worry about figuring out everything for the first time each time something is implemented or something has to change.

In the big picture, ITSM helps IT managers to make sense of the technology they have and the technology that is available to them to make things work more efficiently. For instance, the IT department may be running two different systems that will actually do the same thing but they didn’t realize the redundancy because they were using different features of each solution.

The enterprise today is all about efficiency and that has to be a priority in the IT department as much as it is in the research and development department, the shipping department and even the manufacturing division. Companies cannot remain competitive in this environment if it is fighting with itself to stay ahead of the game. ITSM clears the path for you and ensures you make the most of what you have and get rid of the dead weight that prevents productivity and efficiency.