Service Desk Management Tools: Free Your IT Team To Do What They Do Best

Your service desk can demand several functions from your IT team, such as handling your employee workstation and application problems and also making sure that the technology you have in place for handling customer requests is functioning at top performance. Service desk management tools can address both of these issues and help you get the most from your investment–both from your team’s issues and in your customer responses.

Feeling overrun?

You’ve got to have top-performing equipment to empower your employees to handle customer requests and sales leads. Even with service desk management tools in place, like a job dispatching tool, most IT departments can find themselves overrun from time to time with emails, calls and drop-in requests for service to employees’ workstations and applications.

New offerings from service desk management vendors can help. Look for service desk management tools that can streamline help requests through some specific functions, as outlined below.

Up-To-Date Software Licensing: Empower Your People

Scheduled, regular maintenance of your workstations is key to productivity and employee satisfaction, but it can be an issue for your IT team to sort out. Service desk management tools can help organize and track all the software and application licenses your team uses while preventing time-consuming searches.

Avoid Over-Buying

Like many organizations, you may have a stockpile of unused technology inventory. Service desk management tools can help catalog and organize your inventory and save unnecessary costs. Many service desk management tools will allow you to get auto-reminders when supplies are needed, so you can avoid the last-minute frenzy.

Keep Employees Satisfied with Service Desk Management Tools

Perhaps one of the best features of service desk management is the ability for employees to feel in control of their IT challenges. They can easily submit a detailed request and log its status. Workflow can be assigned automatically, which can help cut down on tension between employees and IT personnel as challenges are resolved.

Service Desk Management Tools Impact Incident Rates

When your team’s technology tools are running smoothly, you’ll be in the right position to handle service desk management for your customers. One example is BMC IT Service Desk, which gives you a cloud-based service desk, complete with self-service options and the ability to manage product inventory. The tool is hosted on the top-ranked SaaS platform from its partner

Based on SaaS, service desk management tools like BMC IT ServiceDesk can be a total package, letting you handle incidents, self-service and inventory from the help desk. Easy to set up templates can help reduce costs for implementation and training, increasing your incident resolution rate along with significant decreases in customer waiting time.

Service Desk Management Tools Draw on Knowledge Resources

Web Help Desk is another service desk management tool to address your key areas, such as problem management, asset management and workflow. Web Help Desk will let you set up multiple inboxes for service desk requests, and will then instantly convert those requests into a service desk ticket. This service desk management option can also store an extensive knowledge base for you that’s easy to search, based on past customer incidents and resolutions, saving valuable time and increasing customer satisfaction.

When service desk management tools are maximized, your IT professionals can do what they do best–give your customer response and sales staff the most advanced processes for creating a positive total customer experience and help you create an environment where your team is motivated because their own IT challenges are met.