Why Companies Choose Numara Footprints To Improve IT Service Management

Numara Footprints was built from a team with fifteen years of experience in IT management, so they understand how challenging it is to manage your IT needs. Even more, they realize the obstacles you face in getting your IT department to move from the difficult work of handling their enormous task load to the ideal and yet more difficult level of contributing value to the organization. Numara strives to make sure all of your processes work cohesively, understanding that this is the key to your business performance. Numara Footprints is the company’s family of products and solutions, which provide fully integrated IT management. Numara Footprints offers medium to large-sized businesses this family of solutions on a common platform, providing you one interface will make your business stronger.

Choose Numara Footprints Because It’s Simple

A Numara Footprints review will reveal that the solution is offered as both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premise. You choose what works best for you. Simple. Numara Footprints offers award-winning service desk functions and the solution has high renewal and customer satisfaction rates so you know you are receiving a top product. Simple. Upgrades are free with your maintenance contract. Simple. Numara Footprints is fast to install and deploy because of wizard-driven interfaces. Simple. Still wondering why companies choose Numara Footprints? If ease of use doesn’t convince you, then taking a look at the convergence of IT processes might.

Choose Numara Footprints Because It Provides Logical Convergence of IT Processes

Numara Footprints is designed to help you manage your IT processes and not just your IT information. Numara Footprints brings convergence to your application by providing demonstrable problem resolution abilities to your first and second line support staff.  For example,

  • Staff can access comprehensive configuration information
  • Staff can access customer and service history
  • Staff can ping devices, control them remotely and even patch them

Numara Footprints brings convergence to your business processes by enabling IT work  to be done more efficiently, thereby saving costs and adding value. If ITIL is important to you, you should know that Numara Footprints is ITIL compatible–bringing convergence to disparate business functions under one methodology.

Numara Footprints brings convergence to processes through automation as well. There are many tasks which could be taken off the daily list of your IT staff and automated instead without sacrificing security. Further, all support processes are cleanly integrated and automated with Footprints. From human resource management to development and bug tracking to the corporate desk, all IT support processes will work together more smoothly and smartly.

Choose Numara Footprints Because of Its Features

Take a look and see what features you will enjoy with Footprints:

  • Searchable database
  • Asset tracking database
  • Customer information database
  • Automatic escalation
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Follow-up surveys to register customer satisfaction
  • Billing/sales database
  • FAQ knowledgebase

Numara Footprints has 50,000 customer sites and 20 million IT assets currently under their management. They know how to make IT service management work better and more efficiently with tools that blend vision and execution. Numara calls it convergence but satisfied customers call it a winner!