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Centralized Help Desk Handles all US Army’s IT Calls

The many users of various US Army Europe communications device should be seeing a big improvement in their IT problem resolution. The US Army has spent over 2 years migrating all of its data to the new centralized system. This new centralized help desk should immediately produce a quicker turnaround on any help desk issues […]

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PURA Implements Help Desk Solution

PURA, responsible for delivering many public services such as electricity and water to the public recently launched its Help Desk Service. This new Help Desk Service will work to handle the many customer complaints the office normally receives and provide better service to its many users. This new service would help quickly address many of […]

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SaaS Help Desk – ZenDesk

SaaS is helping companies grow larger and smarter as companies seek out the most cost effective solutions available. ZenDesk, a Software as a Service Help Desk Solution, is providing companies with a flexible help desk solution which can easily fit into a company’s daily operations. ZenDesk has capitalized on the growing interest in SaaS software […]

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ABS Help Desk helps Integral System with its Expansive Customer Base

Integral System has chosen ABS to help maintain its customer relations and provide help desk support to its customers. ABS had traditionally provided help desk support to employees of its corporate customers. But, now ABS will begin offering help desk support to its customers’ own customers. Integral hopes that the use of ABS will help […]

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Numara: Help Desk Workers Do More With Less

Help Desks at various companies are experiencing an uptick in the number of service desk calls they receive. This has caused many companies who maintain the same number of employees and resources devoted to help desk support to provide more support than before. In doing so, employees at company help desks are asked to field […]

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