Numara: Help Desk Workers Do More With Less

Help Desks at various companies are experiencing an uptick in the number of service desk calls they receive. This has caused many companies who maintain the same number of employees and resources devoted to help desk support to provide more support than before. In doing so, employees at company help desks are asked to field more questions and provide more support than before.

These increases in Help Desk support requests are seen all over. A survey by Numara Software showed that 62% of help desks are receiving more support requests over the last few years. The survey also showed that many of these companies had also maintained the same staffing levels with some even managing to decrease their help desk staffing.

Help Desk support is growing more complex as technology advancements continue. Numara Software is hopeful to provide up to date help desk support solutions which can provide companies with the tools they need to succeed in the everchanging business technology field.

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