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European Commission Outsources Help Desk Service

The European Commission has recently decided to outsource its Help Desk Management to Fujitsu. The deal will give Fujitsu control of providing IT support to over 5,000 users in 134 different offices all over the world. Fujitsu was awarded the contract due to the fact that the value Fujitsu offered in comparison to other companies […]

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Help Desk: Is It Really Necessary?

Help Desks are places where people can get help for their IT related issues or problems. The way in which help is offered differs from company to company. Some ways of offering help desk support are through email, phone, websites, etc. Help Desk is also known by a number of other names including: Customer Support […]

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SaberSource Launches New After Hours Help Desk Solution

SaberSource’s announcement on the launch of its new After Hours Service Desk Solution is mainly geared toward top US executives who want to provide employees with IT support after work hours. After hours help desk solutions are more needed now as hours are now being extended beyond normal work days. Providing this new Help Desk […]

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Atos uses SAP to consolidate its global help desk service

Atos Origin recently consolidated its email and VOIP for its help desk solution using SAP Business Communications. This new unified communication systems has given the company higher reliability as well as more efficient service for its service desk centers. SAP was able to deliver a system which allowed for continuous customer support as well as […]

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New Devices make Help Desk more Efficient

With the technology boom and the introduction of faster networks and advanced portable devices, companies are able to provide support around the clock. The technology boom has helped drive down costs for communications and given companies more flexibility in terms of work location and work hours. This has allowed employees to provide help desk support […]

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