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Help Desk News Feed Launched by iSupport

iSupport Software recently announced they are providing breaking news and industry analysis on their news feed. iSupport Software is known as the oldest privately owned help desk software provider still operating in the market today, serving companies looking for the latest information in the IT industry. Watching technology market trends evolve has been something iSupport […]

K-12 Schools Earn Free iPads from GroupLink’s Help Desk

GroupLink is offering a free iPad 2 for the IT or maintenance staff of K-12 organizations to assist them in implementing everything HelpDesk. For years, GroupLink has helped those who are teaching the minds of the future through their cutting edge service desk and CRM technology. GroupLink’s everything HelpDesk is the academic solution for public […]

Asset tracker

Asset tracker is a free inventory management system based on open code. It is ideal for tracking multiple physical objects. You can create as many databases as you wish and these can contain any information regarding your assets. Adding and removing columns is easy. The access control system allows you to set permissions for viewing, […]


BATTS or the Barnhard Associates Trouble Ticket System is an open source help desk software that can be run from a Linux/Unix command line. It offers an email interface for customers. It is customizable and offers user-configurable priorities, categories, and billing codes. BATTS is written in Perl, and uses MySQL for its back end.

Help Desk Reloaded

Help desk reloaded is free open-source help desk software that is based on PHP and uses the MySQL database. Very frequent releases of new versions means that there is continuous improvement in the product but it also costs the users time to download and then go through the new features.

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