K-12 Schools Earn Free iPads from GroupLink’s Help Desk

GroupLink is offering a free iPad 2 for the IT or maintenance staff of K-12 organizations to assist them in implementing everything HelpDesk. For years, GroupLink has helped those who are teaching the minds of the future through their cutting edge service desk and CRM technology.

GroupLink’s everything HelpDesk is the academic solution for public and private schools and everything related to education.

The web-based solution keeps the lines of communication open between departments and end- users. HelpDesk solves problems quickly and efficiently and will assist faculty and staff in developing the brightest minds.

The mobile help desk software gives organizations the ability to access trouble tickets on mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad. K-12 organizations can be certain these issues are resolved, even when technicians are on the road.

Many K-12 organizations have already experienced a rapid return on investment through GroupLink’s service desk solution. They have seen the need to use the iPads in schools to help foster the learning process.

GroupLink wants to facilitate this need by offering this great technology for free to use with the K-12 academic help desk solution. Another item that has added great value to the K-12 learning environment is the education service desk. It is also available as the free K-12 help desk.

GroupLink Corporation services more than 1,000 enterprise customers and 4,000 worldwide implementations from their headquarters in Bountiful, Utah.

GroupLink’s best practices Service Desk & CRM/SFA software helps customers automate and add intelligence to their business processes, enhance their profitability and lower their total cost of ownership.

To check out information about the iPad offering and the academic service desk for K-12 check out GroupLink’s website.