Clarkson Wright & Jakes LLP Keeps It Legal With Numara Track-It!

Numara Track-It! helps Clarkson Wright & Jakes take control of its software assets and licensing.

Reading, UK (February 22, 2010) –

Numara® Software, Inc., a leader in service management and asset management solutions for IT professionals, announced today that Clarkson Wright & Jakes LLP, a leading regional solicitors firm serving private individuals, businesses and organisations has kept its software licences in check and saved on hiring extra IT staff – all thanks to Numara® Track-It!®.

Clarkson Wright & Jakes LLP adopted Numara Track-It! in 2005 as a result of management wanting to have more control over IT activity within the organisation.

Nick Gunson, IT Director at Clarkson Wright & Jakes takes up the story: “We wanted something that would help us to determine what the key issues were throughout the organisation relating to IT, how they should be resolved, and how we can pre-empt any similar issues in the future. We looked at a few different options, but Numara Track-It! offered us all of these benefits.

The initial installation process was simple and quick, and throughout the years we’ve done various upgrades to Numara Track-It! to ensure we are offering the very best help desk possible for our staff. Numara Software has been there along the way to ensure we do this cost effectively and that Track-It! is customised to our needs successfully.”

The IT team at Clarkson Wright & Jakes LLP consists of two people who manage approximately 100 workstations and look after 5-15 help desk calls per day. Nick Gunson says he has been impressed with how the product has helped the team effectively manage its IT requests.

“It’s so easy for people in the IT team to get collared in the kitchen or in the corridor by staff who are having problems with either their hardware or software. And, then while you are making your coffee or distracted in some other way before returning to your desk, it’s all too easy to forget that someone had an issue, let alone what the actual issue was.

Numara Track-It! has helped us gain control of all incoming IT requests. It helps us effectively manage support calls on a day-to-day basis, from beginning to end. So at the end of the day, we are offering a more efficient support service to our end users and we are able to keep an eye on what is going on. I think this has also helped create a positive perception of the help desk too.”

With software asset management increasingly becoming an important function of the IT department, Gunson added that one of the most significant benefits he has seen is how Numara Track-It! has helped the company manage its software licensing throughout the company.

“With Numara Track-It! we have been able to run projects on a regular basis to ensure we are software compliant. This generally can be quite a painstaking process, but the whole thing was made a lot quicker by the inventory capabilities within Numara Track-It!

Another benefit is that we’ve also saved money too. Had we not had it, then there would certainly be the need to hire extra staff to manage the incident requests we receive on a daily basis. It’s definitely the best option for us at this time – it’s simple, affordable and provides us with everything we need to deliver an effective IT service to the company.”
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