Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service Booming in the Service Management Market

Vivantio today announced a significant jump in SaaS activity in the service management market.

Europe, Australia and North America (April 01, 2010) –

Since 2003 Vivantio has been offering its flagship product Vivantio Service Desk both on-premise and as a cloud-based subscription service (SaaS). During this time the company has seen a clear trend towards SaaS and has today announced a significant spike in SaaS sales and market awareness during Q1 2010.

Proportion of new customers:

SaaS On-premise
2005 34% 66%
2006 64% 36%
2007 75% 25%
2008 82% 18%
2009 86% 14%
2010 (Q1) 96% 4%

Vivantio reports that the proportion of new customers opting for SaaS deployment in Q1 2010 has risen to 96%

Market awareness has seen an even more dramatic shift. In 2008 Vivantio commissioned an independent survey which showed that only 44% of IT professionals were aware that service management applications were available as SaaS. This has risen steadily but in Q1 2010 the number jumped significantly – almost doubling to 82%

Greg Rich, Director and Co-founder of Vivantio believes that SaaS and cloud computing have reached a tipping point: “SaaS has matured over the last six years or so and now has a proven track record which is hard to ignore.”

Greg believes that customer confidence has had a big part to play: “We’ve reached that point where SaaS is no longer just a good idea, its also been shown to be good in practice. People can now make informed decisions and decide for themselves if SaaS works for them.”

However, the popularity of SaaS comes at a price. Greg warns: “Experience counts for a lot when you’re being entrusted with someone else’s data, but there are lots of traditional software vendors jumping on the bandwagon with new offerings and customers need to be wary.”


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