Coremetrics Makes Clients Happy Using Parature Customer Service(TM) Software

Parature Enables Leading Marketing Optimization Software Provider to Deliver Anytime Self-Service and Reduce Support Costs

Vienna, VA (December 21, 2009) – Parature, a global leader in on-demand customer service software, announced today that Coremetrics, the leader in marketing optimization, delivers anytime self-service to its customers and reduced its support costs with Parature Customer Service(TM) software.

Customer support at Coremetrics is simply a part of the company’s service delivery; not a separate add-on, according to Paige Newcombe, Senior Director, Global Client Services. As the team’s commitment to and vision for improving the company’s support became clear, they recognized the need to take customer support to the next level by providing their clients with 24/7 support. They launched a plan to boost four key areas: customer satisfaction, agent responsiveness, product knowledge and customer loyalty. A key part of this plan was to implement Web self-service technology empowering clients to find answers quickly while expanding support for the company’s global client base beyond just Monday through Friday business hours. Parature enabled Coremetrics to implement this plan with its integrated customer service software suite that includes a customer portal, knowledgebase, ticketing, and chat as well as a host of other modules to efficiently manage all of their growing global support needs at a cost-effective price.

The Coremetrics support team took additional key steps, beyond Web self-service, to overhaul their service delivery, such as providing usability feedback to development, investing in more skilled support resources, improving subject matter expertise, and implementing product certification exams for support employees. As a result, Coremetrics watched its key indicators continuously trend up – customer satisfaction improved to 90 percent; agent responsiveness is up to 92 percent; agent product knowledge grew to 91 percent; and customer loyalty jumped to 93 percent. Remarkably, during this time, the company’s client base grew significantly; the company expanded from one product to eight unique products and increased revenue while reducing the cost of providing service, thus contributing to an increase in gross margin.

“Web self-service with Parature allowed us to keep support staff levels the same,” Newcombe said. “We’ve grown our client base by 350 percent without adding headcount which reduces our cost of providing service. Without it we would have needed a new agent for every 10 new clients, which would be numerous new headcount every quarter.”

Parature enables any organization to fundamentally change the way it supports its customers through its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and integrated, intuitive design that empowers organizations to better and more efficiently serve, support, engage with and retain customers in today’s Web world. The seamlessly integrated suite of Parature Customer Service(TM) software modules allows organizations to effectively manage all of their support needs without additional hardware, software and IT expenses. Parature integrates everything in one dynamic, unified system to increase efficiency across entire organizations, improving processes among customer support, operations, development and sales.

“Coremetrics is a leader in marketing optimization and we are delighted that they have chosen Parature Customer Service software to help manage their customers’ experience,” said Parature Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Duke Chung. “We are committed to setting the standard for support teams worldwide with our fully integrated customer service software suite which integrates a customer portal, knowledgebase, ticketing, chat and a host of other modules in one dynamic, tightly unified system that can manage all the support needs of any organization. Parature will continue championing the way by delivering advanced technology to market, providing the smartest, most efficient way for organizations to support their customers, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce costs.”

Source: Parature