LogMeIn Delivers the Power of the Desktop to Netbooks

New LogMeIn Partner Program Strengthens Netbook Proposition for OEMs and Service Providers

Woburn, MA (March 31, 2009) –

LogMeIn is now offering netbook manufacturers and wireless broadband service providers the ability to deliver the power of desktop computing on a netbook. The new LogMeIn Partner Program for Netbooks allows OEMs and wireless operators to pre-install LogMeIn products for remote access and support on the netbook, giving users simple, one-click access to their full-featured remote PC or Mac, and providing IT service providers with easy access to support netbook users.

Netbooks, small, Internet-connected portable computers, are one of the fastest-selling categories in technology(1). Wireless operators such as AT&T, Vodafone and T-Mobile are helping stimulate this growth by offering subsidized netbooks with mobile broadband service plans. While the ultra-portable devices are great for reading email or surfing the web, their limited processing power and memory means they aren’t typically capable of running all the applications a user might want, or storing significant amounts of data and documents.

LogMeIn Ignition on a netbook, coupled with the LogMeIn remote access service on any full-featured Mac or PC, gives netbook users the ability to connect to a remote computer in just a few seconds and use it as if they were sitting in front of it. This can significantly increase the value of the netbook by giving users access to all the applications and data on their home or work computer, as well as features for remote printing and sound, and file sharing, synch and transfer(2).

Under the LogMeIn Partner Program for Netbooks, organizations that manufacture or sell netbooks can offer LogMeIn Ignition pre-loaded on their netbooks, letting customers access their home or work computers quickly and easily. Manufacturers or service providers can also pre-load the LogMeIn Rescue “calling card,” making the netbook “Rescue Ready” for end-users technical support.

“LogMeIn is all about secure access and support for mobile professionals, making netbooks a natural platform for our applications,” said Richard Redding, Vice President and General Manager of Mobile at LogMeIn, Inc. “LogMeIn helps users maximize the potential of netbooks as personal productivity devices, so bundling our applications on to these devices could accelerate netbook adoption.”

About the LogMeIn Partner Program for Netbooks
By pre-bundling LogMeIn’s secure software, manufacturers and wireless broadband service providers can offer co-branded premium services that differentiate their netbook and mobile broadband offerings from competitors. The program includes:

* “Remote Access Ready” with LogMeIn Ignition Pre-loaded – Gives netbook users the power of a desktop on a netbook. The LogMeIn Ignition client can be co-branded, and allows users to access and control their home or work computers running the LogMeIn remote access service.
* Partner Web site – Partners have access to a dedicated, co-branded web site where customers can register for LogMeIn services, quickly learn how to use them and find additional resources about remote access.
* Marketing and Promotional Support – The program offers joint marketing and promotional opportunities that help users adopt and utilize remote access services.
* “Rescue Ready” – OEMs and service providers can pre-bundle a branded LogMeIn Rescue “calling card” to provide users with premium remote support of their netbook. LogMeIn Rescue helps support organizations reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Any organization or manufacturer interested in the LogMeIn Partner Program for Netbooks can visit https://secure.logmein.com/netbook for additional information.

About LogMeIn, Inc.
LogMeIn is a leading provider of on-demand, remote-connectivity solutions to mobile operators, handset OEMs, small and medium businesses, IT service providers and consumers. LogMeIn products are deployed on demand and are accessible through a Web browser. The LogMeIn family includes LogMeIn Pro®, LogMeIn® Ignition(TM), LogMeIn Rescue®, LogMeIn IT Reach®, LogMeIn Backup®, RemotelyAnywhere®, LogMeIn Free® and LogMeIn Hamachi®. LogMeIn is based near Boston in Woburn, Massachusetts, with offices in Australia, Hungary and the Netherlands. https://secure.logmein.com

(1)IDC: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUK21686009
(2)LogMeIn Pro features available for Windows-based PCs.

Source: LogMeIn