New Survey from Numara Software Reveals High Usage of IT Service Management Tools Beyond the Service Desk

Consolidated Service Management Allows IT Departments to Address Process Tracking and Automation Issues in Departments Outside of IT

Tampa, Fla (March 24, 2010) –

Numara Software, Inc., a leader in service management and asset management solutions for IT professionals, today announced new customer survey results that show that nearly 80 percent of respondents have recognized the value of using Numara FootPrints beyond the IT service desk. For nearly two decades, Numara Software has provided customers with the most practical and flexible solutions for improving IT services. The exceptional flexibility and ease of configuration inherent in its flagship service management software, Numara FootPrints, gives IT the power to reduce costs and drive business success by streamlining and automating multiple processes not only for the service desk, but also in other areas beyond IT.

The survey polled more than two hundred Numara FootPrints customers to gauge how many users are leveraging the solution to support business processes and workflows outside of their IT service desk. Nearly 80 percent said that they currently use or plan to use Numara FootPrints for multiple business processes across their organization. The survey also revealed the common ways customers are leveraging the solution outside of IT. The most frequent responses included; change management (43 percent), facilities management (32 percent), development and bug tracking (28 percent), external customer support (26 percent) and human resources (21 percent). In addition, the survey found that 39 percent of those polled are using Numara FootPrints to bring automation to a department for the very first time.

“We originally implemented Numara FootPrints to replace an ineffective management tool and we were impressed by how quickly it helped us automate processes, enhance inter-departmental communication and improve service levels,” said Mitch Keener, systems administrator for Alfa Insurance. “Currently, we’re using the solution for 60 different workspaces ranging from managing client service changes to addressing network and property loan requests helping us boost productivity and establish company-wide best practices across our organization.”

Numara Software also released a new paper, “Working Outside the IT Service Desk Box,” which provides readers with strategies and tips for consolidating applications to cut technology and personnel costs. In conjunction with the paper, organizations that are looking to “get more” out of their current service desk offerings can listen to the customer webinar, “Do You Have the Right Service Management Tool for Your Business?.” This webinar hones in on Numara Software customer, BCBG Maxazria, and how the company is using Numara FootPrints to automate and standardize processes in many departments outside of IT.

“Since establishing Numara FootPrints as our Web-based support center, we have been able to track, manage and automate processes across several departments more efficiently than ever before,” said Kent Fuller, director of the operations center and PC services at BCBG Maxazria. “The solution’s flexible platform has also made it easier to configure and implement the tool in departments outside of IT, including human resources, facilities and maintenance, and purchasing. At the moment, we’re using Numara FootPrints for ten different automation tracking projects in these departments, and we’re confident that the solution will continue to help us maximize ROI and grow with our needs in the near future.”

As organizations evolve, IT departments need to continually evaluate their IT investments. IT service management solutions, such as Numara FootPrints, provide organizations with the flexibility to support a variety of request-driven processes to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve communication and collaboration. Many groups and departments within and outside of IT have a common need for tracking, communication, data sharing, performance monitoring and reporting. Using a single platform to automate and standardize these different processes reduces the burden on IT and enables organizations to cut down on their investment, maintenance, training and support for multiple, disparate applications.

“If you think about it, most departments within an organization are really there to provide services to the business,” said John Machonis, vice president of sales and marketing operations at Numara Software. “Much the way an IT department tracks its services, so should other departmentssuch as human resources and facilitiesautomate, track and measure their services to the business. Numara FootPrints delivers proven, best-practice based IT service management technology, and serves as a surprisingly flexible, single solution to address numerous tracking needs across the businesswithin and outside of IT. Our customers tell us that Numara FootPrints enables them to reach their myriad of service objectives in multiple groupsespecially when theyre working with tight budgets and under pressure to consolidate the number of tools within their companies. That is the true value solutions like Numara FootPrints can bring to an organization.”
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