Numara Software Launches Family of Integrated IT Asset Management Solutions

Eight Comprehensive Products Leveraging the “Power of One” Numara Asset Management Platform

Tampa, Fla. (September 15, 2009) –

Numara® Software, Inc., a leader in service management and asset management solutions for IT professionals, today introduced eight software products designed to manage IT assets through their entire lifecycle. The eight software products for inventory management, software deployment, patch management, remote control, power management, vulnerability, compliance and device management, are part of the family of solutions that are based upon the Numara Asset Management Platform (NAMP). Built from the ground up as a modular yet integrated system, NAMP employs a single, unified platform that eliminates the need for expensive combinations of disparate products. By leveraging the “power of one” – one console, one agent, one database, one rules and reporting engine – the products that operate on the platform work seamlessly together to eliminate the costs and complexity of managing hardware and software assets. This approach also makes the complete IT asset management solution much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Each modular NAMP product can be purchased as a stand-alone offering or used with other products in the family, seamlessly integrated together, making it simple for organizations to scale their solution as their asset management needs change:

* Numara Inventory Manager: Provides complete visibility into hardware and software asset inventory and eliminates unnecessary software license spend.
* Numara Deployment Manager: Controls systems configuration, which reduces the cost, risk and labor typically associated with large or complex software and OS deployments.
* Numara Patch Manager: Deploys and maintains a secure environment, reducing prevention costs, security risks and unplanned disruptions while maintaining IT asset compliance.
* Numara Power Manager: Facilitates the adoption of green IT by enabling power policy creation and enforcement to recapture the 40% of IT energy spend consumed by idle devices.
* Numara Vulnerability Manager: Executes IT asset vulnerability assessments and proactive vulnerability remediation to reduce risk, productivity loss and security costs.
* Numara Remote Manager: Enables staff to address issues in a timely and cost-effective manner from any location through robust remote desktop management.
* Numara Compliance Manager: Identifies and addresses critical hardware and software configurations that may not be compliant with regulatory standards or corporate policy.
* Numara Device Manager: Prevents data leakage and privacy breaches through effective device management and lockdown of unauthorized ports and devices.

In combination, these products create robust solution sets around areas such as inventory and software management, desktop management, compliance and vulnerability management, and asset lifecycle management.

“For more than a decade, Numara Software has helped customers around the world improve the way they manage their IT services and assets,” said David Weiss, president and CEO of Numara Software. “With the NAMP family of products, we’re now offering an expanded set of integrated solutions that help organizations tackle broader IT operational issues, such as power, compliance and vulnerability management. These solutions are built based on feedback from our worldwide customers who asked for integrated and affordable technology that eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional IT asset management point products. NAMP is yet another example of our dedication to producing high value products that are practical, flexible, easy to implement and cost-effective for our customers.”

The NAMP products employ a straightforward architecture that is quick to install and implement, yet flexible and scalable enough to fit organizations of varying sizes and complexity. Built-in wizards and an easy-to-navigate graphical interface eliminate the need for programming or scripting, resulting in a faster ROI and a higher degree of early success. In addition, all NAMP products snap into the single easy-to-use, console, which significantly reduces the learning curve for new users. The products also share a number of core functions, such as a single data repository for a complete and accurate picture of all asset attributes, a robust operational rules engine that automatically drives decisions and actions, and a wizard-driven reporting tool that can automatically schedule and email reports.

The NAMP products are the newest members of the Numara Software family of flexible, practical products that combine IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) to help IT organizations improve service to their end-users. Integrated with the company’s Numara FootPrints and Numara Track-It! service desk solutions, NAMP enables organizations to efficiently automate a wide variety of IT related tasks and processes using interoperable solutions from a single, proven vendor.

“IDC estimates IT organizations can achieve substantial savings by implementing processes and technology that improve management of the entire asset lifecycle,” said Fred Broussard, research director at IDC. “Organizations can save even more time and budget by integrating these ITAM processes and technologies with traditional IT service desk functions, such as incident and problem management.”

“As organizations look for cost-effective approaches to improve service levels and gain better visibility and control over assets, the convergence of ITAM and ITSM disciplines is becoming more prevalent,” said Matt Dircks, VP of product strategy at Numara Software. “Faced with tight budgets, IT departments need integrated solutions that not only give them a total picture of their asset and service lifecycles, but also reduce the cost and complexity of managing those lifecycles. By introducing the NAMP family to augment our service management offerings, we’ve addressed this demand with a truly integrated set of ITAM and ITSM solutions, from which organizations can pick and choose the products they need now and expand later as their business needs evolve.”
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