Parature Releases Free White Paper on Customer Emotion as it Relates to Retention

White Paper Explores How Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences Can Improve Customer Retention

Vienna, VA (September 25, 2009) –

Parature, a global leader in on-demand customer service software, announced today the release of a free white paper offering customer service and support professionals insight into customer emotion and how it relates to customer retention. The white paper entitled “How to Improve Customer Retention by Building Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences” is available for download in Parature’s white paper library.

In this recession-driven environment, companies are clamoring to increase revenue and save costs; customer retention has never been more important. Oddly enough, most organizations spend more on marketing to gain customers rather than to retain them. A published study by the American Society of Quality Control asked the question “Why do customers leave companies?” Sixty-eight percent of the respondents answered the question with the following “because of the company’s indifferent attitude to the customer.” So how can organizations change this apathetic attitude and improve customer retention? How to Improve Customer Retention by Building Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences explores building an emotional connection with your customers to not only retain them, but have them become customer advocates, recommending and staying loyal to the organization.

In a Parature webinar entitled “How to Improve Customer Retention by Building Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences,” Colin Shaw – international bestselling author and customer experience guru, will demonstrate how organizations can focus on the areas of a customer experience that provide the greatest value and enable them to use their resources to the greatest effect. He will also introduce the new area of the ‘subconscious experience’ that drives customer behavior and how the understanding of this experience can save costs. Colin will deliver the webinar to our U.K. audience on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 2:00pm GMT and to our U.S. audience on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 2:00pm EDT.

“Parature is dedicated to helping customer service and support organizations deliver superior customer service,” stated Parature CEO and President Duke Chung. “We demonstrate this commitment, not only by providing the smartest, most efficient customer service software, but by providing valuable written content as well. Parature has conducted in-depth research to provide relevant and thought provoking insight into industry trends and effective strategies that will contribute to the success of customer service professionals around the world and enable organizations to provide exceptional customer service at an affordable price.”

Parature enables any organization to fundamentally change the way they support their customers through its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and integrated, intuitive design that empowers organizations to better and more efficiently serve, support, engage with and retain customers in today’s Web world. The seamlessly integrated suite of Parature Customer Service(TM) software modules allows organizations to effectively manage all of their support needs without additional hardware, software and IT expenses. Parature integrates everything in one dynamic, unified system to increase efficiency across entire organizations, improving processes among customer support, operations, development and sales.
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Parature enables organizations to better serve, support, engage with and retain their customers via the Web. Industry-leading, Web-based Parature Customer Service(TM) software provides customer service organizations with a comprehensive, multi-channel way to meet the growing expectations of their customers. With more than 10 years experience, Parature serves organizations in a wide variety of industries worldwide and helps support nearly 20 million end users. Parature is among Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Software Companies and is the recipient of numerous product, technology, and leadership awards. Today, the Parature name is synonymous with innovation and value in Web-based customer service software, strategies and best practices. Parature is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia with offices in San Francisco and the U.K. For more information, visit or follow @parature on Twitter.
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