Latest Version of IT Service Management and Customer Support Software Improves Process Automation and Collaboration Between Service Staff and Customers

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. (October 27, 2008) –

TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of IT Service Management and customer support software, today announced the release of ServiceWise 8.0 and CustomerWise 8.0. New features and enhancements automate repetitive processes and improve communication and collaboration between support teams and their customers, improving both IT service and support for organizations. Additionally, an improved self-service portal includes automatic active directory password reset that enables support managers to show precise figures on support time saved and improved ROI, on average reducing the number of calls to service teams by approximately 30%.

“Meeting the demand for excellent customer service has never been more challenging. Versions 8.0 of our IT Service Management and customer support software help organizations improve their customers’ experience.” said Tieren Zhou, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Software Architect at TechExcel. He continued, “We’ve added a lot of automation that improves usability and service level features that help teams be more responsive to customer requests and also keeps the customer informed.”

TechExcel is dedicated to developing software solutions with built-in business intelligence that can be configured by the users to optimize their business processes. By providing integrated CRM, help desk, defect tracking and test management applications, TechExcel integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the flexibility needed to better manage their business.

What’s New in Version 8.0: The insight required for successful IT support and customer service
TechExcel ServiceWise and CustomerWise provide companies with the essential tools necessary to effectively manage customer support and customer request processes. Typically, ServiceWise is used to manage internal help desk and IT management processes while CustomerWise is used to manage external customer support, sales, and marketing processes. However, both solutions are designed to improve inter-departmental communication and knowledge management essential for organizations to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Version 8.0 introduces new and enhanced features that allow organizations to optimize all IT processes and dramatically improve the customer experience, including:
o Smart Screens
o Microsoft Outlook Integration
o Service Level Agreement Improvements
o Drill-Down Reporting
o Improved Privileges Control
o Self-service Improvements
o And More…

Configurability and user interface customization have always been strengths of TechExcel solutions. The addition of Smart Screen in version 8.0 continues this tradition by allowing ServiceWise and CustomerWise to be configured for processes and request tracking beyond just support desk requests. Users can now effectively manage the many different types of requests a support team or IT team encounter including: incident requests, change requests, service requests, safety reports, and even non-technical requests and work orders from within a single application.

TechExcel ServiceWise and CustomerWise 8.0 also include workflow automation improvements that enable several teams to collaborate more effectively on shared work activities. Furthermore, work scheduling has also been improved to enable better escalation procedures for critical tasks. Integration improvements such as a Microsoft Outlook Sync and a Microsoft Active Directory password reset utility further improve communication and self-service between customers and technicians.

On-demand Web seminars and personal demonstrations of TechExcel ServiceWise and CustomerWise 8.0 are available now. Call 800-439-7782 extension 5 or visit for more information about TechExcel offerings.
About TechExcel

TechExcel, Inc. is the leader in unified Application Lifecycle Management as well as Support and Service solutions that bridge the divide between product development and service/support. This unification enables enterprises to focus on the strategic goals of product design, project planning, development and testing, while enabling transparent visibility with all customer-facing initiatives. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Lafayette, California, TechExcel has over 1,500 customers in more than 42 countries and maintains offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, London and Beijing. For more information, visit or call 925-871-3900 in the United States or +44 (0)20 7470 5650 in the United Kingdom.

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