The best way for a company to make sure that they are getting the right help desk solution is to conduct a help desk software comparison.

This will help companies find the right help desk solution that will address their company's needs. can help companies conduct their research whether they are still learning what ITSM and ITIL mean, or are close to making a decision. Help desk software can help a company create a formal process to resolve problems. offers a comparison feature to help companies compare help desk vendors to make sure that they find the help desk solution. While helpdesk software is essentially made to help companies in the same way, each vendor offers their own twist on service desk options.

A few of the key features of any help desk software are:

  • Recording and tracking of customer queries and internal requests as well as the actions and tasks related to these
  • Activity tracking from start to finish
  • Data security at all levels
  • Logging of requests generated through various channels such as inbound mails, manually entered requests, online forms, and telephone calls
  • Statistical tools to identify trends in defect types, defect rates, customer requests, etc.

IT help desk software can seem overwhelming when you begin to research the different types of help desk modules.

As companies embark on finding the right help desk software to help their business, it is important that a company first identifies what service management issues they want a helpdesk software solution to address.

If a company doesn't take the time to define their business problems from the start, they could end up purchasing a remedy help desk solution when they really need an ITSM solution to better handle the company's network. helps companies complete their research on help desk software by providing insights into the different products that help desk vendor's offer. also offers comprehensive blog posts that cover industry news as well as articles on the best practices for utilizing a help desk system.

  • Numara is the third largest provider of flexible service management software in the world. They offer several service management software options that will increase overall customer satisfaction, lower costs, manage IT assets, and replace pricey legacy software. Numara takes complexity out of the equation, simplifies help desk processes, and increases service delivery quality. Numara Track-It! and FootPrints products are compatible with companies of all sizes--whether you have one service desk agent or 1,000, Numara can help.

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  • FrontRange Solutions' IT software is geared toward small- and mid-sized businesses. They're known for the HEAT Service Desk application, as well as its GoldMine CRM solution and other IT service management solutions. HEAT Service & Support (the company's flagship product help desk product) offers flexible deployment options, including on-premise, SaaS or hybrid deployments. Features can be extended through a comprehensive collection of additional services.

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  • TechExcel is an IT company that has a help desk management and IT service management software suite, named TechExcel ServiceWise Suite. This affordable, scalable software will help make business processes easier for mid-sized to large companies. Employees will be happier because their productivity will increase and customers will be happier because of the increased support.

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