Help Desk System Reviews: Should You Choose Salesforce?

If you’re scouring help desk system reviews looking for the vendor that can give you a streamlined, cost effective product, you’ve probably stumbled on Salesforce. Users can enjoy help desk support every hour of the day, every day of the year with Salesforce. The vendor promises you’ll save money and run a more efficient business with the features included in their product. It’s also customizable so businesses of all sizes can take advantage of its offerings. You don’t have to worry about expensive upgrades like you would with an on-premise solution; with Salesforce, updates are automatic and include new features as they are built. As you look over help desk system reviews, you’ll see Salesforce mentioned often, because thousands of companies such as Sprint, Bell and CNET rely on it already.

Salesforce Features Highlighted in Help Desk System Reviews help desk reviews often mention that this application is easy to set up and can be integrated with software you’re already using, including existing help desk software. Salesforce offers integration with 80 top phone systems and a self-service portal that lets users answer and resolve their own questions. As you look through help desk system reviews, you might not see offerings for tools for human resources, but Salesforce includes human resources processing that helps with recruitment, terminations, and benefits. The package also comes with the standard ticket tracking tools that allow you to route assignments, along with asset management tools that track the software and hardware that has been assigned to your company’s employees. Another helpful feature is email-to-case, which helps you streamline operations by getting rid of archaic processes. The company claims to reduce wait times from five minutes to 45 seconds and boost agent productivity immediately.

Help Desk System Reviews: Salesforce in the Cloud

The hosted help desk product should create a better help desk experience for your IT staff and users. Also, cloud-based help desks are becoming a portal for social media services, like Salesforce’s Chatter tool. Help desk system reviews are increasingly mentioning social media integration. The social media strategy introduces a help desk process in a format that people are accustomed to seeing. You can choose how open or closed these social groups will be. The cloud-based help desk also allows for customization by department, giving users a unique experience while not overloading them with irrelevant content. Customer service gets a boost too because cloud computing development presents creative possibilities that allow companies to develop the applications that their customers need.

Help Desk System Reviews Show That With the Good Comes a Touch of Bad

Some customers of Salesforce thought customizing was too costly. Others who were willing to pay reported difficulty in customization. Help desk system reviews of Salesforce also mention that frequent downtime can be an issue. In help desk system reviews, a common complaint is the lack of a service level agreement. The multi-tenant architecture reduces flexibility and autonomy, according to some companies.

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