Basic Service Desk Applications Your Organization Needs

Your service desk software should serve as the single point of contact for all your IT-related client requests. It helps manage complex and formalized processes and gives you incident management capabilities. Change requests will be handled through the service desk, as will configuration management processes. The service desk will also handle service level agreement changes and operating level agreements. It’s also a critical connection to customer support management. Since the service desk is responsible for so many important aspects of your operations, you need a solution that can help you efficiently manage every process. Here are some applications to look into as you explore service desk options.

Manage Your Assets with Service Desk Applications

Cutting costs should be an essential goal of any responsible company, and service desk applications with asset management tools allow you to do just that. This application will assist you in automatically detecting the hardware and software in your system, tracking the lifecycle of those assets, and keeping you informed of any change in inventory. This service desk application will also give you remote access so that you can monitor assets from anywhere and on your mobile device, which is a unique feature offered on some service desk software. Asset management applications basically help you understand what your assets are and give you a clearer of picture of how to use them.

Stay in Compliance with Service Desk Applications

Managing all the software agreements in your company can be a hassle, and can also get you into trouble if you aren’t staying on top of it. Service desk applications can help you manage all the new software coming into your system, and keep track all of those on their way out. This application gives your IT manager verification about which of your licenses is about to expire. A further benefit provided by this application is that it can let you know which of your licenses is not being used, allowing you more visibility into unneeded expenses that might have been hidden before.

Knowledge Base Management is Integral in Service Desk Applications

Sharing your knowledge with your users through a smart search application can take a load off of your IT staff. These service desk applications help you deliver online support by centralizing your knowledge base, which can increase the efficiency with which items can be searched. The centralized knowledge base can also help boost productivity by making available the information that’s needed to manage situations. Contracts, licenses, and important records can be searched and acted upon with knowledge base management. These applications can include smart searches where you enter a word or phrase to pull up all related documents. These searches can also be bookmarked for later use to help in accessing information quickly.

Service Desk Applications Improve Workflow

Some service desk applications include workflow automation that keeps your service desk running smoothly. These automations alert the appropriate user of an issue that needs attention and can be sent out to a single person or group in every stage of the process. You and your employees can be alerted to a change request, or the conclusion of that change. Workflow applications can reduce the number of manual errors and increase reliability and efficiency. Workflow applications should be easy to modify as your business grows. The application can also assist you in providing insight through charts, dashboards, and reports.

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