ITSM Tool Comparison: The Support Applications Your Business Needs

IT service management: it is the focus that keeps your IT processes operating according to your business initiatives. This discipline is often considered to be a contrast to the standard, technology-centered approaches to business interaction and IT management. Yet, it has been proven to deliver value to the organization. As you conduct your ITSM tool comparison, consider the leading vendors in this space and examine the features they offer that support your IT initiatives.

Identify Your Needs in an ITSM Tool Comparison

Prior to the completion of any ITSM tool comparison among select vendors, you will first want to identify the applications that are a must-have for your IT service management. Leading providers in this space will offer a common architectural platform that will include features such as business processing automation, reporting, an analytics dashboard, multi-tenant data structure and integration. Also look for a Configuration Management Database (CMBD) to ensure that all of your IT business processes are directly accessible to your enterprise service model and any shared IT asset repositories.

Include FrontRange in Your ITSM Tool Comparison

FrontRange is making waves in this industry, offering nine different modules, as well as CMDB, to meet the IT needs of your organization. The list of modules includes a service catalog, self-service module, release management, change management, configuration management, service level management, inventory management, problem management, incident management, availability management and knowledge management. This comprehensive portfolio of lifecycle and service products should be included in your ITSM tool comparison, and it is positioned as an ideal applications suite to enable your company to improve productivity and service levels, while delivering standardization and service desk best practices across your IT department.

ITSM Tool Comparison – Include Axios

Make sure your ITSM tool comparison includes a closer look at Axios. While not as comprehensive as FrontRange, Axios still offers some powerful service desk applications to equip your ITSM team with the necessary capabilities they need. The tools offered by Axios include comprehensive ITIL support, service catalog, enterprise-class Configuration Management Database, self-service portal, business rules modeling and powerful workflow management. The easy integration of this ITSM tool comparison provider allows you to leverage other best-of-breed applications. Axios and FrontRange both offer the required architecture to support robust ITSM capabilities, with Axios focusing on functionality depth and simplicity in the management of your IT infrastructure.

ITSM Tool Comparison Includes the Lesser Known Beetil

ITSM software providers with the best marketing departments tend to dominate the search results, yet Beetil is one application to consider when doing an ITSM software comparison. Again, this solution is not as comprehensive as that of the FrontRange solution, but it could offer a viable alternative for those with a tighter budget. The main elements of ITIL are addressed in this ITSM platform, including incident management, release management, problem management, configuration management and change management. Dig deeper into your ITSM tool comparison and you’ll also find that Beetil offers messages, a self-service portal, time tracking and reporting that is easily customizable.

Any ITSM tool comparison should include a drill down into the different modules and capabilities offered by providers in this space. Make it a priority that ITIL is supported and that your specific needs can be met with the offered portfolio. Demo the product and measure its results for the ideal outcome to your ITSM tool comparison.

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