LBi Software Intros CaseManager 4.0 HR Help Desk Application

LBi Software has just released the next form of CaseManager, which serves as the company’s HR Help Desk. CaseManager enables customer service representatives (CSRs) to enter information regarding employee calls and also tracks issues to completion without much difficulty.

The new release of CaseManager 4.0 comes with a full range of new and exciting features that can also be hosted in Cloud. Some of these features include a Manager Dashboard, Wiki Knowledgebase, FeedBack Survey, Document Cabinet and Task List.

The Manager Dashboard is a view of nine compelling system metrics. This feature enables users to quickly see important data, such as open case counts, throughput and case resolution time. It also launches detailed reports directly from dashboard to “drill” into target data.

Wiki Knowledgebase is used to convert current paper documentation into indexed and searchable electronic formats. The knowledgebase also coverts employee handbooks, benefit guides, etc and is very easily accessible by employees and CSRs directly from CaseManager. Wiki Knowledgebase information is filtered so employees only see information that is relevant to them.

Feedback Survey is able to configure up to 10 questions with up to 5 answers each. These questions help to collect feedback on employee satisfaction. With this, management reports the questions and answers to analyze the employee responses to improve employee and help desk interaction.

The Document File Cabinet is mainly used to upload files directly into CaseManager where it then manages the folders and organizes the documents. Under the document file cabinet, users can also attach documents directly to a case and even easily email important documents to employees.

The Task List solely serves as a “to do” list for many cases. This program helps to finish a task and lead the user in the right direction by labeling the completed tasks as “finished” as the necessary steps are taken.