SysAid Android App Now Available for Free

There has been an increased demand for mobile help desk applications in recent months, and providers such as Apple and RIM have met these demands with the released applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry operating systems. Android is following in these steps as it recently released a SysAid Android application.

SysAid, an IT service management and customer service support software provider, offers a reliable help desk solution. After releasing mobile apps for the BlackBerry and iPhone, SysAid released the SysAid HelpDesk App for Android this week. This Android release is significant because, according to SysAid, it is the only help desk vendor that offers a mobile help desk application for all three operating systems.

The founder and CEO of SysAid, Israel Lifshitz, commented. “Companies need to know that they can rely on their IT management at all times. As we have seen with our applications for iPhone and BlackBerry, mobility allows IT management teams to enjoy maximum efficiency, translating into greater productivity.”

The SysAid App allows IT professionals to manage and monitor help desk tickets faster, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and overall response time. SysAid developed an advanced mobile interface specifically for Android, which makes it easier for IT employees to view, update, filter, customize and prioritize help desk items.

This application is now available for free. It is compatible with SysAid IT 7.0.05, which is the most updated version of SysAid’s help desk software.

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