Salesforce Chatter 2 Added to BMC HelpDesk software

Recently, announced that BMC’s help desk software will be adding Chatter 2 to improve its collaborative capabilities.

BMC’s help desk software, which is available on, utilizes Salesforce Chatter by allowing users to follow incidents and other broadcasts through a familiar social networking interface. The tool provides help desk analysts with the technology needed to collaborate on issues, share files and documents, and archive conversations. The implementation of Chatter provides BMC ServiceDesk users a level of collaboration previously unseen.

Chief Marketing Officer at, Kendall Collins, described the benefits of the BMC and Salesforce Chatter integration. He said, “Salesforce Chatter represents the next phase in cloud computing where mobile and social networking tools are employed to empower enterprises to new levels of productivity through collaboration. Adding Chatter to BMC ServiceDesk on enables collaboration and mobility across the IT department, resulting in higher productivity.”

BMC’s help desk solution leverages’s famous cloud computing platform, in an effort to improve customer service without adding any significant costs. The cloud-based solution provides a low cost and quick to implement solution that immediately benefits organizations looking for a help desk solution. The rise of collaboration tools in business is one of the most prevalent trends in enterprise technology, and in today’s dynamic business environment it is critical for organizations to implement them in order to become more responsive and efficient.

Eduardo Don Jr., CEO of IT consulting firm Lumen21, said, “The addition of Chatter to BMC ServiceDesk on will help streamline communication and collaboration among our IT department. Further, the adoption of Cloud 2 capabilities positions my company to be more effective and responsive and can translate to us being more competitive overall.”

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