Bank of Utica Improves Help Desk with Novo Solutions

Novo Solutions recently announced a partnership with Bank of Utica after the latter purchased the Novo Knowledge Base software because they were in need of a central knowledge base to store company data for bank personnel.

The initial plans are to use the solution in-house but the bank will eventually implement it as a self-help portal on their company’s website. Since the purchase of the Novo Knowledge Base, they are looking into ways to include it into their IT help desk operations.

In a recent statement from Bank of Utica, the company said documentation has always been a key strength within their IT department and in an effort to be more proactive with documentation; they decided a knowledge base would be a perfect fit for them.

The Novo Solutions provides a suite of support tools that proves to be very helpful in applications for the banking industry as it provides flexible permission settings. It allows multiple departments to use the same application as it keeps the content secure.

Company knowledge is stored easily and is retrievable for both internal and external users and the help desk module is perfect for tracking internal IT requests. The asset manager tool can track assets across multiple departments and the Novo change manager keeps track of changes made throughout the system.

Bank of Utica went on to say that they found that the IT staff has a wealth of tips and knowledge that was undocumented and the Novo Knowledge Base software has allowed them to start cataloging and indexing many facets of daily functions.

Novo Solutions is a provider of scalable, easy to use, Web-based help desk, customer support and knowledge base solutions. The company is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia and specializes in knowledge management, customer service and help desk software.