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SLA Management for the Helpdesk Should Be a SMB Priority

In the corporate environment, SLA management is a given. It doesn’t matter if the employee is the CEO or the front desk receptionist; the IT support knows exactly what capabilities are in place, the priorities that have been established, and how much time is acceptable between helpdesk service ticket and issue resolution. SLA management agreements […]

Deliver Faster Results and Keep Your Customers Happy with Live Chat Help Desk

Your help desk fields a variety of issues on a daily basis. With incoming calls and emails, it can sometimes be overwhelming to try and handle every issue in a timely manner. The main goal is to keep your customers satisfied and live chat help desk solutions can help you achieve this objective. Why Live […]

Increase Your Company Sales with Live Chat Software

According to a survey conducted in January of 200 customers of Bold Software LLC, 77% of e-retailers who used a live chat help desk considered it a critical communication method. Over half of the customers surveyed also said that their purchases were made from a business that used live chat software versus an automated system. […]

Remote Support Software for the Pesky Problem That Hangs Around on a Saturday

If you take a look around today, everything is mobile. Customers are calling in with their cell phones to get help; customer support personnel work from home or remote locations; office hours extend over the weekend; companies are establishing virtual locations to support growth; and nearly every professional carries at least one smart device that […]

Customer Help Software: Zendesk Meets the iPad for Customer Support on the Go

The face of customer help software is changing and in some cases, the features are taking on those of the iPad. Believe it or not, customers calling into the help desk or customer support center may never actually reach a traditional brick and mortar location simply because the agent they reach is supporting them through […]

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