ManageEngine Launches New ITIL Service Desk Software

ManageEngine, an Enterprise IT Management Software and help desk company, recently launched the latest generation of their help desk application. The updated application is called the ServiceDesk Plus Version 8.0. The application, like ManageEngine’s other help desk solutions, is ITIL-ready. There are many new innovative features in ManageEngine’s latest version.

The ServiceDesk Plus Version 8.0 is faster and has tighter integration with other ManageEngine applications. Customer satisfaction will increase because delivery speeds will improve. The new features included in the latest generation also include multiple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), help desk automation, improved asset management and other customizable features. There is even an agent-based scanner, to give agents and administrators help in difficult computing situations.

No manual intervention is necessary because the entire process is automatic with the Service Desk 8.0. Common tasks are automated, ticket assignments are automated and more. Tickets can be easily assigned through the load-balancing or round-robin methods.

The product manager at ManageEngine, Uma Shankar, commented on the Service Desk. Shakar said, “We have designed this new version based on a great deal of passion from our customers. We have worked closer with out customers in getting their requirements, designing the feature blocks and through the beta release, making the product more user friendly and capable. The new version 8 has been designed to fill-in all the missing pieces- Service Catalog, Agent Scanning, Manager Dashboard and more.”

ManageEngine is always looking for new ways to satisfy their customers. The Service Desk Plus Version 8.0 is only the start of their latest generation of help desk software solutions. Visit ManageEngine’s website for more details about their products.

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