Zendesk Strengthens Twitter Integration

Zendesk, the help desk provider, decided to strengthen the Twitter integration capabilities on its help desk application. Zendesk originally set up Twitter integration for its web-hosted service desk in July, but customers pushed to have the capabilities deepened.

Before Zendesk’s changes, customer service agents had to use an external social media tool to track Twitter. Zendesk would then take the flagged posts from Twitter and put them into the system. Twitter was never completely embedded into the help desk application.

Now, Zendesk made it possible for agents to monitor Twitters postings from the actual Zendesk interface. This saves time and hassle. Twitter has become a very popular medium for users to submit requests or opinions. With the twitter integration, agents can use the Zendesk application to easily manage customer support processes.

Zendesk’s vice president of product management, Maksim Ovsyannikov, commented. He said, “Now Twitter is 100 percent embedded and integrated into Zendesk. If you’re only tuned into formal support channels and not to social support channels like Twitter, you’re being negligent.”

Zendesk made these changes to keep up with the modernization and increased popularity of social mediums, such as Facebook and Twitter. The Twitter integration is available at no cost to all Zendesk customers, no matter what their subscription plan is.

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