Mobile Helpdesk Available in an App

Arizona App Design announced recently that it plans to release the Pocket I.T. Designed as a mobile help desk application, the Pocket I.T. will allow users to search for and find answers on effective ways to resolve technical issues on devices such as the iPad, the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, laptops and Windows 7 phones.

The concept behind this “mobile help desk” is to allow consumers to get the answers they need right away, so they can get back to work. Eric Rampellini, owner of Arizona App Design, shared in a statement that the popularity of the Pocket I.T. is rapidly spreading. Rampellini believes the market is ready for this type of help desk solution as an increasing number of users do not have access to a professional organization’s IT help desk.

This application can help users to identify and resolve technical problems quickly. Rampellini is sure it will be well received, and a welcome application. He stated that as market players are seeking to reduce friction in the user experience associated with smartphones, laptops, air cards and basic software applications, there is a demand for a mobile help desk application.

The Pocket I.T. was built on the Android platform and offers a full range of features. For instance, the “multiple devices” feature allows the user to select a device to troubleshoot from a list screen within the app, and a search feature will enable the user to search by key words.

Multiple solutions are also available in this help desk app, providing the user with a full range of options to try. The mobile help desk app also invites users to leave feedback or share solutions that worked with others on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Steven

    I down loaded this app and suprise it helped me resolve a issue. I don’t need it all the time but it is a nice tool to have should I need it.