Help Desk Software Reviews

HelpConnection.NET Review

HelpConnection.NET is a division of, a software design company. HelpConnection.NET is a help desk and customer support software provider. The site was created to help online businesses, in particular, organize their customer support issues and increase productivity within their business. Its affordable, full service customer support solutions are web-based and accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.

Layton Technology Review

Layton Technology offers two help desk products: HelpBox and ServiceDesk. HelpBox is a web-based help desk solution with quality features, but little complexity. The solution is simple and configurable; it does not require any add-ons or additional modules to function. Because it is a web solution, the application doesn't even need to be installed. HelpBox features are presented upfront, at a straightforward price model.

IssueTrak Review

IssueTrak is a software development firm that created a web-based software program allowing customers to submit requests online. This evolved into the IssueTrak Help Desk solution. IssueTrak's goal is to enhance a company's internal and external customer support, workflow management, and issue tracking. IssueTrak's company values are collaboration, respect, strong relationships, integrity and a commitment to excellence; all of these values come through in IssueTrak's help desk software.

SmartPath Review

SmartPath's lead product, Loc8, includes a help desk service among many other features, like asset management, a system search engine, service level agreement organization, email and SMS communication for employees, system maintenance, and business analytics reports. The web-based product can be accessed through most major web browsers and through mobile devices with the Loc8 Tablet application.

LogMeIn Review

LogMeIn is an international company that provides software services that enable remote access to computers over any internet connection. Their products can be used by individual users or help desk professionals. LogMeIn products are ideal for users who are on the go and need to access the files on their original computer.

Omnistar Interactive Review

Omnistar Interactive is a web based solutions provider. Omnistar Interactive developed its help desk software, Omnistar Live, so users could have an all-in-one, easy to use solution. Businesses can provide ticket support and more with Omnistar's help desk. Omnistar Interactive created Omnistar Live with the customers in mind. Its products are ideal for companies of any size, from small to enterprise.

Novo Solutions Review

Novo Solutions is a web-based customer support and IT management solutions provider. The company is a small business of a dozen employees and has been operating out of Norfolk, Virginia, since 1999. Despite its size, the company provides a variety of business solutions that can be scaled for small organizations or large enterprises. As web-based applications, Novo's products are easily modified to fit most organizational needs.

Spiceworks Help Desk Review

Spiceworks is a system management and help desk software application provider. Use the Spiceworks help desk to manage your company's IT department. Spiceworks lets users increase customer support and reduce complexities. The FREE Spiceworks help desk is ideal for small to medium businesses.

PerlDesk Review

PerlDesk is a leading help desk provider. The company's goal is to provide a flexible and scalable solution that businesses can use to provide high quality service. The PerlDesk help desk saves companies time, money, and reduces hassles. Companies are better able to manage support requests, streamline issues and improve help desk efficiency with the PerlDesk.

Minerva Data Review

Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Australia, Minerva Data provides Cloud Computing Solutions that help organizations focus on their business core and shift the burden of IT to the Cloud. With a focus on enterprise scale IT operations, Minerva Data delivers an ITIL based, enterprise class, full-featured SaaS ITSM solution.

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