BMC Wins Swiss Telecom Provider

Wasserwerke Zug (WWZ), a Swiss Utility provider, announced that they will be deploying BMC Software Inc.’s Remedy Service Desk solutions. WWZ plans to integrate the BMC help desk software into its telecom business to improve customer support in its growing customer base.

The Remedy Service Desk solution being used by WWZ is a part of BMC Software’s Remedy IT Service Management Suite (ITSM). The service desk software is expected to increase the customer retention rate by delivering customer support in a more efficient manner. The help desk software will also be replacing WWZ’s dated IT infrastructure and ticketing system that has been ineffective since reaching its performance limit quite some time ago.

The BMC Software service desk solution will allow WWZ to better handle customer queries and to meet the growing customer demand in Switzerland, where customer service is a must in the highly competitive Swiss market. Additionally, WWZ will be utilizing BMC Software’s Business Service Management solution to, which simplifies the customer service operation by automatically diverting queries to the service desk for increased efficiency.

The continued success of BMC’s Help Desk software will undoubtedly rake in more customers from the telecom and other industrial sectors and continue to drive growth within the company.

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